Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 98!

So last night Daddy decided that he would be super nice and let Mommy sleep in the bed and he would spend the night on the couch with me. Needless to say that wasn't such a great idea. Mommy ended up waking up freaking out because she couldn't find me and Daddy tried every position imaginable to get comfortable - including some on the floor - to no avail. Daddy just didn't understand that I'm not comfortable unless I'm on Mommy's chest! So somewhere around 4:30 AM I finally passed out on Daddy and somewhere around 7 something Joshua came busting out of his room ready to play. Daddy made the hand off to Mommy and headed for bed! Apparently Mommy didn't have the heart to wake Daddy up in time for us to make it to church. Or she wasn't used to having that much sleep and couldn't keep track of the time, or she just couldn't bare to watch me freak out in my car seat one more time... anyways, we didn't make it to church... sorry to all of you watch me when you should be listening to the pastor!
Daddy's just about finished with the Magic Clubhouse. With a little help from Jonathan and Mommy he got the swing portion up! Joshua and Jonathan enjoyed swinging on the swings but especially liked the glider - because they both can ride it at the same time! Of course, Jonathan already fell off of it onto his head once, but he's a tough kid! So I'm sitting here watching and I'm thinking, "Where's the baby seat!??!?!" Mommy says she'd get me one even though she knows that I hate swings. She always tries to get me to sleep in one at home but I can't stand them. I think they make my heart beat correctly or something... and it freaks me out!

The boys played outside and got nice and dirty late into the evening and then came inside for a shower and a quick dinner before going off to bed. Of couse, they wanted to get their fix of their baby brother first! I took a little nap and then watched a little TV before heading off to bed myself! Hopefully tomorrow Daddy will get the slide on the Magic Clubhouse and I'll be able to go down it! Until then.... May God continue to bless you as He does me!


Sallie said...

Just checking in to say how blessed I am by your blog each day. I'm praying for all five of you.

PS-I love the "as for me and my blog" banner! Just noticed it today.

Aunt Nancy and Uncle Kevin said...

We love Jacob!!! Love watching you "beat the odds"! You are an encouragement to even more people in more ways than you know!

randibisme said...

Beautiful Jacob! We still praying!!!
Randi Booth

Patty said...

Continuing to pray. Can't wait to see pictures of all of you going down the slide.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Love the picture of you and your big brothers. Big brothers are pretty special.

Laurie said...

Hi Jacob,

I am two days late in commenting here, which makes today "Day 100". Bless your heart little man, you are such a blessing and living proof of beating the odds. Your pictures are so sweet with your brothers. How amazing to only know love in your life. Praying for you every day as you continue to amaze us all.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Hilary said...

Sweeeeettt clubhouse!! It looks like tons of fun! Jacob you and your brothers are too cute :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that all is well, and that Mom got a little more sleep! What a great club house and how lucky that you get to share it with your brothers. Continuing to pray for all of you as you beat the odds one more day!