Friday, April 18, 2008

Day 96!

This morning Mommy got up real early and headed off to get her hair cut. Here's a shot of her with it all done... doesn't she look beautiful!?!?!? Her friend Kelly set up the appointment for her and invited Joshua and Jonathan over to her house to play with her kids so that me and Daddy could spend some time together. Daddy was hoping to catch up on some sleep but I made sure he didn't waste his time on that! I had to make up for all that time he's been missing out on going to that "work" place... so I kept him busy feeding me, getting my medicine, and changing my (multiple) diapers (hee hee)! I had to remind him what he's been missing out on! I've been having some digestion issues lately, but he did a good job monitoring my food and helping me through the gagging/thinking-about-puking-stage. We also had a real sweet time of just talking, snuggling, and playing with my zebra and cow! Here's some shots of me playing "Find the Cow" with Daddy. Some times I just like to stare at that silly looking thing for hours! Finally I passed out in his lap... I'm sure he was trying to figure a way to put me down and go work on the clubhouse... but he didn't!
Once Mommy came home with the boys... well, that's a different story. Out they went into the sun to start working on our "Magic Clubhouse!" I'm sure my brothers played more than they worked but Daddy trudged on through the afternoon... only stopping to have a picnic with my brothers (I was asleep inside), and to talk with Gramma and Grampa when they showed up. So here's the progress that he made today: Not bad right? Well don't mention to him about the walls and the roof. It seems Daddy had the walls on and most of the roof done and me and Mommy came out to check up on him and Mommy noticed that al the planks were on backwards! Daddy hated to admit it, but she was right. So off they all came so he could do it again! Daddy hasn't caught on to that idea of "work smarter, not harder!" Daddy headed off to work and Gramma and Grampa spent the night with me, Mommy and my brothers. They've been on vacation for the past couple of days so it sure was nice to see them! Well, I should go... I here my cow/zebra calling me!

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Michelle said...

Strike a pose mom!! Like the layers. Looks great.

Jacob hope those digestion issues sort themselves out soon. We want you around for a long time buddy.

What a cool magic clubhouse.