Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 84 (with some of skipped Day 82 too!)

Well I missed Friday (Day 82) just because things were so busy....well actually Mom was working on another photo album online and wouldn't let me on to blog.....I think I'm gonna save $ for my own computer so I don't have to use her's!

Anyways, Miss Kathy, one of my Essential Care nurses, came over to meet me for the first time. Get this....she is married to my cardiologist!!!! So Mommy and her talked about me (and her husband too) and then Miss Kathy just loved on me and visited for about an hour and a half...she is a really nice lady.....and she just loved holding tiny little me. It was good for Mom to just talk some. Then Mom and Jonathan headed out to get my new medicine that seems to be working. They also went out for lunch and went shopping for things for Jonathan's big 4 year old party.

So you wanna know how to make a Rainbow Jello cake??? Just make the color Jello you want one layer at a time and wait for each layer to set before adding another layer. Very easy and tasty...just give yourself enough time to let each layer set....start a day before you need it....I have become quite the pro at this since we've had it a couple times and I made sure to wake Mom in the middle of the night to add another layer....I'm such a great helper. :)

So on to today....Day 84. We got up and went to church where I once again distracted people in my row. Lots of people came over after service to let Mommy and Daddy know that it was good to be able to hear me squaking in the back. And I thought I was being quiet today!
Afterwards we went to Gramma and Grampa's for lunch. We couldn't stay too long because it was just too nice outside ... Daddy wanted to get home and do stuff in the yard. Joshua got training wheels for his big-boy bike so he enjoyed learning to ride up and down the driveway. Jonathan liked that Joshua was on his new bike because that meant he could ride Joshua's old trike! Me on the other hand... I wasn't too happy outside... it was too windy and a bit too cold still for me. I made sure Mommy knew how I felt about it for about an hour and half after she took me back inside! Here's a pic of me in my hoodie before I went outside. Hope you all had a great weekend and an even better week coming up!


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good, Jacob!!! By the way, your brother's cake looked mighty yummy yesterday. Did you enjoy it?
Still praying for you everynight. We know we have said this before, but you are such an inspiration to all around you Jacob!
Love ya,
Nate and Tony Booth
Age 19 months

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I have fallen in love with you Jacob. Maybe you can even marry me one day??? (I am only three years older than you). You are just so darn handsome!!! My mom holds her breath for your next update. We continue to hold you and your family in our daily prayers!
Saylor and Mom in South East Texas

boltefamily said...

You are so cute Jacob! We love you and pray for you each and every day!

The Bolte Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob,

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling more like your old self - more crying/less sleeping ;-) sorry Mom and Dad! I hope you have another wonderful birthday today and lots of fun with your family. Thank you Fahmer family to putting an exclamation point on every title of your blog. That is exactly the way all of us should look at each day, wow what a gift it is to be alive today! Thanks for the reminder and the lessons you have so willingly shared with all of us.

blessings, Cheryl