Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 18

This morning Joshua woke up and came out and spent a lot of time with me. He taught me to hold my paci (sometimes him and Dad call it a Binky since Joshua can't remember "pacifier"). I sure am growing attached to that thing so it will come in handy being able to hold it myself! Mommy says its good that I like it because it might help me to learn to breathe and take a bottle at the same time. Anything to get rid of this tube down my throat!
Today was supposed to be "family day" where Mom and Dad had planned on not letting any visitors over to see me. I'll show them what I think of that idea! Just before Mommy and Daddy were about to take me to the YMCA to watch my brothers gym and swim I decided to show Mommy my new hernia while she was changing my diaper! They said they wanted me to grow so I made a walnut sized hernia in my groin! It totally freaked Mommy out! She almost gagged when she touched it and it disappeared and then came back again! So I got the nurse to come out and visit me while the other boys went to the Y.
The whole family participated in my first big boy bath in the tub. Jonathan kept putting water in my eyes but otherwise it was great! Mrs. Dina and Stephanie brought over dinner for us but couldn't stay long because she had a baby boy crying in the van! Then Pastor Bruce and Terry came over and brought pizza for the family. Pastor Bruce likes to hold me and pray a lot. I slept through most of their visit so I guess that means its ok that they came over during "family day!"


Mamma_of _five said...

I read your Post and you have a beautiful little boy there, My name is Tawny and I'm blessed with 5 children, Just wanted to say "nice to come accross your blog " and you have a beautiful son!and I enjoy reading your blog you post I added it to my favorites list.

Laurie said...

"Happy Day 18" Jacob! It sounds like family day turned out to be pretty exciting.

This little boy is so precious and I am praying for him to give you many, many wonderful days ahead. (Without the hernia scares please). Jacob sure is surrounded with love from you and his cute brothers. May your day be blessed with love and joy as this little miracle continues to steal your hearts.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Christena said...

Jacob looks absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with your precious T18 baby son. I look forward to many, many more posts about Jacob's adventures each new miracle day!

Yvette said...

Dear The Fahmers,

We are the Hostetter family. We also have 3 boys (Tanner, Tayden and Tristan). Tristan was born with Trisomy 18 on December 3, 2007 and just passed away on Sunday. The Lord blessed us with 56 days of miracles - more than we ever imagined possible. We lived in the moment and lived every day to the fullest!!!!

We started on this T-18 journey on August 15, 2007 when we found out through a high-level sonogram and amnio. As we began doing research on the Internet I found one families story which then led me to the Luce family (Poppy Joy Luce). We were due one day apart so I emailed Angie and we began walking this road together. Then shortly after that the Lord opened up the door to 2 other sweet Christian girls, Kenzie Stanfield and Kim Summons and the 4 of us became very good "Internet" friends and faithful prayer warriors as we daily lifted each other up and encouraged one other.

I am so thankful Jacob is doing so well and is already on Day 18, the Lord is blessing you with some precious time and I know exactly what that feels like. From the pictures/videos it's obvious you are cherishing every moment, just like we did. My advice: "Live in the moment, live every day to the fullest, STOP and take pictures and don't put it off." We had 56 days of celebrations, 1,600 pictures, lots of video and NO REGRETS! Although we really miss our little boy, we know we gave him more love in 56 days than some children receive in a lifetime.

Thank you for sharing this journey through the Internet. I will be praying for your family every day and enjoy every moment with your 3 boys!

Please feel free to email me personally if you ever need to talk or have any questions about this journey.(

Trayc & Yvette Hostetter

Susie said...

I found you via Maddox via Tristan. Our son Joshua is 26 days old today. He has a large occipital encephalocele - a neural tube defect. He was supposed to either be stillborn or only live a few days. He's still with us today. I pray your little man stays with you as long as he can. I'm going to add you onto our sidebar so our visitors can pray for your family as well. God bless!
- Susie Sams
PS. He is absolutely beautiful!

Hilary said...

Oh jacob is sooo adorable!! I read Susie blog and when I read hers today she talked about your family..So I just wanted to say Hi and that I will be saying special for Jacob and your family. Have a great weekend.
A momma to two,

Rebecca said...

Susie, who blogged up there, is how I found you. :) I don't remember, exactly, how I found her, but I've also been praying for Tristan and Maddox and Mary Grace and Poppy Joy and Eva Janette and Copeland.

You're loved.