Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 25

I stayed up late last night with Daddy. We hung out until about 4AM and then I threw up for the first time so Daddy chickened out and went and woke Mommy up. I think the new food the doctor told Mommy to give me is making my tummy hurt because I not only learned to throw up today, but I practiced a lot too!

Mommy took my brothers to the YMCA while Daddy stayed home to meet with one of the CompassionNet ladies. I decided that I didn't like her interfering on my time alone with Daddy so I made all my monitors go crazy for about an hour. Once she was so concerned that she decided to leave I was fine. :)

I had serious problems with my food in the afternoon and pretty much puked up all my lunch all over myself... which is not an easy thing to do when you have a tube from your stomach going out your mouth! I just wanted a bath and I knew that this would work. Mommy gave me a nice long bath... check the photo of me impersonating a frog... cute huh?

Daddy's friend Dell came out to visit me for a while after he got off of work. He couldn't hold me though because he said he was possibly getting a cold. I think he just wanted to get his name on my blog!

Gramma and Grampa came out tonight too. They said that they had to deliver some money that Kenmore West Senior High School collected for me and my family, but I really think they just wanted to see me (and ruff up my brothers before they went to bed!)


Del said...

No cold on this end; all is well -- I was just being hyper paranoid. I'll make sure I hold you next time, buddy!

Anonymous said...


This is Jennifer in CA again. I LOVE the picture of you and mommy it is so precious. Your parents and little brothers are just as incredible as you.

God Bless,
Jenn in CA

Shane and Devin said...

I LOVE the bath picture! So cute. Still praying for you everyday Jacob!

Devin in Illiois