Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 39!

Here's a shot of me and my big-big-brother Joshua before he went off to swim class today. Everyone always thinks I'm such a "sweet little angel" so I decided to show you my feisty side today!
I scared Mommy and Daddy a lot last night by holding my breath a lot. Sometimes they pat my back and talk to me... sometimes I just come out of it... if I turn ugly colors then they flick me in the foot! That hurts and it makes me cry! But they say that red in the face is better than grey in the face!
Later on Mommy thought it would be funny to feed me orally and then run off with my brothers... leaving Daddy behind to clean up my poopy diapers and my puke... Daddy wasn't as impressed! We had fun together though while they were all gone.
My nurse came today and she weighed me... and according to her scale.... I'm officially 4 pounds 4 ounces! Woo hoo! Broke the 4 pound barrier! Linebacker here I come!
Tonight I made my first visit to Jonathan's favoriate restaurant in the world! Ms. Kathy brought us a gift card for Applebee's last night so we decided to go out for dinner. My first night out on the town! It was fun. I slept through most of it. Mommy brought my meal with her... I guess they don't serve my special kind of milk at restaurants!


The Adoption Of William said...

Your boys are so cute. Jacob is just a little angel. You guys are in my prayers daily.

With love and hope,

Jen-William's Mom

Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Hello! Not quite sure how I found your blog, but I'm a regular visitor now! Thanks for sharing your journey with us - Jacob is a little cutie (and so are his brothers!) We have two sons - our firstborn, Will, only lived for 15 minutes, owing to a lethal genetic condition. His brother Charlie was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which means he only has half a heart. He's four now and full of beans, and loves seeing the pictures of baby Jacob! We're sending you thoughts and prayers from Cardiff, UK. XX

The VW's said...

Jacob, You must stop worrying your parents! I know it must be fun watching them get scared, but really!

Glad your family was able to get out for dinner!

Keeping your family in my prayers often throughout each day! May God continue to give you all the support you need, as well as His grace to sustain you through every moment of every day! Your family is such a blessing to so many! God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Mother Teresa says " i am nothing. He is all. i do nothing of my own. He does it. That is what i am, God's pencil. A tiny bit of pencil with which He writes what He likes. God writes through us, and however imperfect instruments we may be, He writes beautifully."
Jacob you are a very large pencil writing for God.

Sanchez Family said...

I stumbled upon your blog through another blog I read. I now check it daily for updates. I am praying for your family daily and I love all the pictures. You have a wonderful family and your are an amazing mother! I thank God daily for my healthy boys and pray without ceasing for your little one. God Bless, Melissa

Anonymous said...


I hope you have a blessed weeeknd. You look adorable crying or smiling. I'm sure your parents prefer you smiling though but even us adults get grouchy. Although, I don't like to admit it. heehee I'll be praying for you Jacob. It's raining here in CA.

Jenn in CA