Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 29 - that's four weeks ladies and gentleman!

First I want to bring your attention to some new video's along the sidebar...go check em out! Second, Gramma's friends were complaining that her picture is never on my blog... so she got all jazzed up for my party tonight and did her makeup so that I would put her picture up.... so here it is right at the top.... :) (please don't send me emails... I know it's a picture of the brownies... I did it just to make her mad!) :)

Mommy spent all last night with me on the couch because I decided to have my oxygen levels drop to the high 50's/low 60's all night long. Mommy also didn't like that my heartrate was dropping low either. Daddy didn't seem to mind though... Mommy never went and got him to trade off with her so he got a whole 6 hours of rest! My stats stunk all morning except when Daddy, Joshua and Jonathan took me downstairs to watch my first Star Wars movie! I really liked it I guess..... or maybe just that Daddy was holding and rocking me the whole 2 hours!

I had to start behaving myself when my nurse Anne Marie came over or I would probably get in trouble. So I made sure that all my stats looked absolutely perfect right before she came and managed to keep them for the whole hour that she was here. I also made sure that I pooped since Mommy and Daddy were getting concerned about that too since it had been a couple of days. Anne Marie talked to Mommy and Daddy about how to adjust my food so that I should be able to digest better. Mommy and Daddy also got lots of people asking about my previous post from the other day about the $250/can Human Milk Fortifier. I think that some of you were ready to go and start a protest at the factory of the company who makes it.... and I don't even need it yet. Thanks for your concern I'll let you know when to get the picket signs! :) Of course, as soon as my nurse was out the door I let my stats drop again. Mommy and Daddy call me a "little stinker!"
Aunt Nancy came to visit and since she's a doctor I decided to give her a run for her money and show her what little boys look like when they stop getting oxygen. I figured I should test out her life saving skills. Don't worry people... she passed.... I just needed my brain woken up a little bit. Gramma and Grampa came out to sing Happy 4 Week Birthday to me so for the rest of the evening I behaved myself... for the most part!

Here's one more picture of Gramma so that her friends don't get mad and riot or boycott the blog! Gramma loves giraffes and has always bought each of the Fahmer boys a stuffed giraffe when they were babies. Well I guess she was in the card store and saw a Mamma Giraffe bath float with 3 little Baby Giraffe's and just had to buy it for us. Here I am holding my Baby Giraffe!


Anonymous said...

Awesome job Nancy! and HAPPY 4-weeks little man;)

-Matt Barden

Anonymous said...

Happy 4 week Birthday Jacob! What a blessing you are!

I love the light saber picture and that Jacob has already enjoyed watching one of the Star Wars movies! Our boys would get along great! Some days I think that I must be living in a Star Wars movie at our house! What fun!

God Bless You and your family!

Rev Gail Lewis said...

Dear Jason and Karen - Your Footsteps (and other) frineds at Williamsville United Methodist Church are holding all of you in prayer. We get a report each week and will continue to do so. A caritas check will also be on the way (as soon as I can get the right address). The body of Christ and caring that started for you so many years ago is still there for you and always will be.
Blessings - Rev. Gail Lewis

Shane and Devin said...

Happy Birthday Jacob--still praying for you everyday!

Devin in Illinois

Kathy said...

Happy 4 Weeks Birthday Jacob! I really love reading your stories each day. I really liked the fist fight video with your brothers. God bless you and your wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

Good Bless, I look fwd to reading about your day. Miracles due happen. Faith and CJ

The Adoption Of William said...

HAPPY 4 WEEKS. What a blessing. Jacob is such a beautiful little guy!


William's Mom