Sunday, February 10, 2008

28th Day!

Today was my first day in church! (outside of Mommy's belly of course!) I was strapped to the outside of Mommy's belly and, like a lot of big people, I slept through most of church. I woke up at then end of church so I could eat lunch... also not unlike many big people! But I did get to see a lot of people who have been praying for me and my family. So many people came up to see me and tell Mommy and Daddy they're still praying and to give me gifts! I like it there.

After church we went home and Gramma and Grampa were there making lunch... or burning it... it was the first time I was glad that I eat through a tube! :) Gramma's aunt Carole and cousin Amy came all the way from Rochester to see me... they got lost a little thanks to some guy named TomTom but they eventually made it and we had lots of fun together.

Ms. Heidi from mommy's homeschooling class came and brought us dinner with her daughter Maddy. It smelled so good... I can't wait until I get to that batch of milk! Mommy, Daddy, Gramma, Grampa, Joshua and Jonathan all ate it up and said it was delicious!

Pray for my brother Jonathan. He's been making a lot of noise at bedtime lately. He's not making very good choices and crying a lot. I think he misses me at night.

I really want to drink through my mouth. I keep telling Mommy and Daddy by making a sucking motion with my mouth but they just don't get it... they keep putting this thing in my mouth which doesn't have anything in it. I suck and I suck and I get nothing! I know there's some goodness somewhere!


judy said...

Well, today is your month Birthday Feb. 11, So Happy Happy Birthday to you Jacob and you are getting to be such a big boy 4lbs already. Praise God, have a great day.
love, Mrs. judy

Del said...

Happy birthday!