Monday, February 4, 2008

What A Day! Day 22

I can barely keep my eyes open to write all this down! Today started off with Ms. Dolly coming over with her son Joshua and daughter Aubrie. I've never heard such crazy racket come from my brothers before. Those four kids ran all over the house playing hide n seek and making more noises than the loudmouth girl in the end crib back in the Nicu!

Then I decided to not let Daddy get a nap ... so I stayed wide awake the whole time Mommy was out of the house. Daddy showed me his room and the neat fan on the ceiling! I think he thought that it would put me to sleep. Silly Daddy!

I did a miniphotoshoot with Joshua for Mommy when she came home and then Mommy and Daddy's friends Chris and Amy drove all the way from Rochester to bring us dinner! AND... they brought their 3 sons! You know that part about crazy racket earlier? Well you should have seen the 5 boys running around the house with cars and trucks and swords and who knows what else! Gramma and Grampa showed up to sing Happy Birthday to me again (check out the video on the top of the sidebar!) Today is officially 3 weeks!

I didn't feel too well after Chris and Amy and the boys left... I think I scared everybody when I held my breath for too long. Well, one good thing about it, Mommy hasn't taken her eyes off of me since. In fact, I'm sleeping in her arms right now. Good night!


Kim ( said...

Praying for you Baby Jacob. What a precious miracle you are. I am so glad you are here!

Mamma_of _five said...

Happy 3 week Birthday Jacob!
Someones thinking and Praying for you all the way from British Columbia , Canada .
from Tawny

So Blessed said...

I am praying for your family.