Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 35!

Today was my second day in church. I did a little better than last week listening to the sermon, but I noticed that I might be a bit of a distraction for others around me. No, it's not that I make noise or squirm around or make a scene like some children... but some of the ladies in our row just can't stop looking at me. I think I might be a stumblingblock for them because I take their attention off of the message because they watch my every move! Maybe next week I'll just stay outside so as not to cause them to be distracted! :)

After church Ms. Angela and her son Joe came and brought us a TON of groceries. There were so many she had to bring them in a laundry basket! She also had Joe pick out some really cool toys for my brothers which they loved! It was nice of them to stay and visit with me and my family!

Aunt Josie came over today by herself.... I don't think she wanted to share me with uncle Tony or Matt-man! She didn't even want to share me with Daddy or Joshua and Jonathan... she snuck over while they were all taking a nap! She brought Mommy a pretty Trisomy 18 bracelet that her friend Rosemary bought for a gift. It's really pretty and it has my birth stones on it!

We spent the evening on the couch as a family reading books... first Mommy read and then Daddy read. Joshua and Jonathan like it when Mommy and Daddy make funny voices! I just like to hear my brothers laugh... it makes me smile on the inside! Me and Mommy fell asleep on the couch while the other boys were getting ready for bed. Mommy was up early with me, so Daddy sent her to bed so that Daddy could teach me one of the more important things about being a boy... we went downstairs and watched TV together! No, it wasn't sports... but give it time I'm sure hockey or basketball playoffs won't be far off!


Anonymous said...

What a blessing each day with Jacob must be! You are celebrating each day of his life and not taking anything for granted. It got me thinking about how we should all celebrate each day more than we do. If we all knew that we weren't likely to live a long life, don't you think we would live a whole lot differently?! Of course, we don't know what tomorrow will bring for any of us. We also don't know what God has planned for little Jacob, but I know that you are living his wonderful life to the fullest! What a lesson for all of us! Thankyou for continuing to share so many God given lessons! God Bless You!

Donna said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet life with us. I come and see you everyday and keep you in my prayers. Say hi to your mom, dad and brothers for.

In Christ,

Pauline said...

Jacob you rock, you are doing so well keep bloggin my lil friend you have captured so many hearts! :)

Del said...

Yeah, sure... Stay outside. Like that's going to deter my wife or mother-in-law (or anyone else in our row).