Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day 44

Today was a day of discovery. First off, we discovered that Joshua caught whatever that Daddy had the other day. Thankfully he's a lot younger and recovers a lot faster... he puked it out, watched a couple of hours of Transformers on the couch and was as good as new! He was kind of sad not being able to hug and kiss on me though! Again I ask... can you blame em?

Second I discovered something called a Boppy.... and man do I LOVE IT! Here's some shots of me sleeping in my Boppy. See... it makes me happy! I think it makes Mommy and Daddy happy too because they finally found something besides their own chests that I'll sleep comfortably on. Mom and Dad actually took a nap together today! Oh... and it makes me sleepy too!

I discovered some really cool lights in the dining room... Daddy held me and let me watch them for a good 15 minutes. I also discovered myself in the bathroom mirror after my bath today. I'm a pretty good looking fellow!

Lastly I discovered these fly new pimpin' clothes... whatdya think?


Anonymous said...

Oh Jacob! I like your new "fly" clothes! You are such a beautiful baby!

Mamma_of _five said...

Oh Jacob you are so Precious! Too bad I Lived all the way in British Columbia, because I would want to so come over and hold you:)
I'm a mommy too and I know a cute baby when I see one!

Zac and Jenny said...

Every day I check you blog... and every day I think to myself "this is the cutest baby I've ever seen"... and so today I thought I would leave you a comment and tell you that. What a hottie :)

Anonymous said...


I think you look adorable as always. Mom and dad will keep you stylish. Way to go mom and dad!!!

Jenn in CA

P.S My little Jacob has a sense of style too even at 6 he knows what matches and what doesn't and gets himself all spiffy for first grade everyday and doesn't like me to pick out his clothes. I guess he has learned from my teachings and his two older sisters who are 9 and 14.

amanda said...

Awww-What a cutie I wish I could hold and {{Hug}}!

linda said...

Those are some pretty KEWL clothes
Love Alyssa