Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 32 - My One Month Birthday!

Happy Valentines Day Everybody! I hope you had a good one... mine was GREAT! I started my day by sharing valentines with my Mommy, Daddy and brothers. Here's a picture of some of my valentines... I am so loved. I got valentines from my family, from Gramma and Grampa, from my homeschool friends, and even from friends in Delaware... wow.

Later on Mommy's friend Stephanie came over with her two sons. They brought us dinner and valentines... but really I think they just used that as an excuse to come see me! Can you blame em?

Gramma and Grampa came over for a Valentines Day / 1 Month Birthday Lunch. We ate pizza and chicken wings ... you should have seen my brother Jonathan's face! It was hilarious! He had barbecue chicken wing sauce all over his entire body! Then everybody sang Happy Birthday to me and passed me around so they could all kiss on me a little bit.

After the boys nap we all headed over to see my great Nana and Papa for the first time! They haven't been able to come out and see me and so I was very excited to go see them! They couldn't believe how little I was and they just kept smiling at me and saying how beautiful I was. Great Papa especially liked how little my fingers were... but he said he thinks that I'm going to be a boxer since I always keep my fingers clenched together so tight! One little cry out of me though and he was afraid to keep holding me... passed me off to my Mommy! Maybe I'm losing my touch though... no tears from anybody tonight! Great Nana made dinner for us of course... even though we told her not to. She had two chickens in the oven... both of which weighed more than me! Almost twice my weight! That great Nana... always making more food than anyone could possibly eat!

I took a little nap on the ride home and until the boys went down to bed. After I woke up Mommy gave me a bath and then we hung out on the floor together while I blogged. We spend a lot of time on the floor lately. Last night Mommy, Daddy and I all fell asleep on the living room floor. Daddy woke up sometime and snuck off to bed leaving me and Mommy there for the rest of the night. We were up to eat or course but I'll sleep just about anywhere other than my bed! (as long as Mommy or Daddy are right there with me!)

There's also some new videos for you to check out along the sidebar! Enjoy!


concernedSBCer said...

Hi Jacob! I read your blog every day....sometimes twice a day, just to see what you are up to! See, I'm a homeschool Mom too, from down south in Tennessee! But the sad thing students have all grown up! I have 4 children, all in college. You are about the size my son was when he came home from the hospital! See, I have triplets! That little boy was the smallest of the three....and now he's the biggest! I'll bet you'll be bigger than Joshua and Jonathan before long, especially if you keep eating like you are wanting to!

I think you should know that you have a fantastic family! And my goodness, all those friends dropping by with food and presents all the time! I think your family is loved a lot!

I just wanted you to know that if you ever want to come see Graceland, you have a friend nearby.

Fahmer Family, I am praying for you.

Kelly said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Jacob! We were thinking about you yesterday. You looked so cute posing with all your Valentine cards. I hope you told your mom that you should be eating LOTS of chocolate. (That's what keeps the meat on my bones anyway.) Have a wonderful day today. Hugs to your whole family!

Anonymous said...


It looks like you are very loved! Who could resist you though?! You are cute, special and have quite the sense of humor already!

Sending love and prayers out to you and your lovely family! God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Just a note....I LOVE these pictures of Jacob with his "Greats"!

Absolutely priceless.