Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 26!

  • Today was Aunt Teri day! Jonathan's been asking when she was going to come visit for the past week and finally today was the day! She took a day off of work just to come see me! I think I know why the boys like to see her... because she brings presents! We had a really nice visit with Aunt Teri because she was able to stay all day long!
Mommy talked to my doctor on the phone today - she was very impressed that a doctor called her! They're trying to figure out my food situation. Apparently Mommy wants to get the food that I had at the hospital (Human Milk Fortifier) but since it's only used in the hospital it costs like $250 a can instead of the normal $20 a can! We're going to see what we can do about that! Also he wanted to let us know that the hospital did some kind of test and he got the results back and it said that I might also have Cystic Fibrosis. Strange though... it showed up on one test and not on another. Mommy and Daddy had been tested with my brothers I think and never had any indication of problems. I'm just that special! For now, we're just not going to worry about it! The doctor said that as long as I'm pooping fine... and we all know that I am! ... we can wait on doing any kind of crazy tests! Phew!
Daddy talked to a friend at work today and he said that they raised a bunch of money for us at a bake sale. Maybe that will help get my food from the hospital! Thanks GEICO! Friendly little lizards...

Later on Mr. Steve came to visit and bring us dinner but he was too afraid to hold me so sorry.... no picture.

Mr. Rob and Ms. Tami came over with their boys tonight. Don't worry... Ms. Tami did not let Mr. Rob shake me up again! I've done enough puking on my own these last couple of days! Right now I'm just drifting off to sleep after having kept Mommy, and now Daddy, up for some time so I should probably go. I'll talk to you all tommorow!


Kelli said...

I have been checking your blog daily to see how Jacob is doing. So exciting to see him doing well.

Funny thing you mentioned cystic fibrosis. I have CF.

May God continue to hold you close and care for you as He has been.


judy said...

cf wow we knew he was special but didn't realize how much! Well, you can see how well Sarah is now.
love, judy

Christena said...

Hey little Jacob! I think you've met more people in 26 days than I have in 39 years! How awesome it is that on every one of your days, your family's first priority is to figure out how to love you even more. I'll be hoping that everything can be sorted out so that your tiny little belly gets the food it likes best! A big hug from one of the few people you haven't met!!!


leescheffie said...

Jacob---I just have to tell you...there were people at your bakesale yesterday that were FANTASTIC!! A cobbler went for 80.00...a cheeseCake for 100.00...and there were plenty of women who walked by and said..IM ON A DIET IM GOING TO PAY YOU TO NOT GIVE ME ANY SWEETS.

you little man..are more famous than a rock star...and a lot cuter in my opinion!

Laurie said...

I sure enjoy coming here each day and seeing how much your little life is blessing others. You sure bless mine. And reading about how the bake sale went, wow, you are getting famous. I pray for you each day to amaze each person who sees you and loves you. You are so cute.

Love you, Laurie in Ca.