Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 23

I had a good night sleep last night. I feel much better this morning. I decided to wake up to help Joshua with his school work. I kept trying to tell him the answers, but he's stubborn, and wouldn't listen to me. He did alright without my help though. I think I was kind of a distraction ... every couple of worksheets he had to come over and give me a kiss. Maybe he was just using me to get out of doing his work!

After nap, Ms. Chrissy came over with her two little daughters Delaney (who sang to me a couple of weeks ago... did you see the video?) and Chloe. Here's a shot of Chloe kissing me. She did this today about... oh I dunno...3,000 times. They love me.... but then again... who can resist me, honestly? :)

I got cards today from people in Hawaii. We don't even know them and they're writing me fan mail! I'm famous. Too bad I can't write.... cuz I could probably sell my autograph!

Mommy's cousins Derrick and Michelle came over with dinner tonight. They brought their son Jarrod. He's older than me but younger than Jonathan and he's cute. He really liked playing with all our toys and I really think that my big brothers wore him out!

I got sick of this tube in my mouth tonight so I decided to pull it out. Mom said it wasn't a good time to do it since I had to eat soon and she had to put a new one right back in. Doh! I'll get it when she's not looking next time! Mom also tried to get me to eat some milk through a funny nipple tonight. I liked blowing bubbles in it. It was fun... maybe we'll keep trying this ... Mom says I have to take it seriously so we can get rid of the tube ... that would rock! I guess I'll try harder.

Lastly, I've mastered the art of smiling.... but only when no one has a camera. This is funny for me and frustrating for Mommy and Daddy. Don't plan on seeing pictures of me smiling any time soon! :)


boltefamily said...

I found your blog through another. You don't know me but I just wanted to tell you what a source of hope you are. I am carrying a baby, he does not have Trisomy 18 but another genetic disorder and doctors are not expecting him to live long. This is our second child with this same disorder...we just learned that it is genetic. It is great to see how intentional you are living each and every day. You are so honoring God by enjoying the gift he has given you! Thank you for sharing your story!


Anonymous said...

Hey is that Chrissy Galla??? Man, she is so lucky she got to hold Jacob! Is that her daughter with her? Jason, do me a favor and tell her I said hello. God Bless, Matt Barden

Christena said...

I am just loving how much you are celebrating every day of Jacob's life! The video's are precious. He is so blessed to be surrounded by so much love, so much family, so many friends. And it goes without saying what a blessing your little Jacob is! God Bless and keep savoring every moment. I'll keep praying and keep checking back every day to see the joy Jacob is causing... it's contagious you know!

Shane and Devin said...

I enjoyed laughing thru most of your post today, Jacob. What a great day you had! You have a great sense of humor, and it seems like you enjoy your days very much!

I am sure your mommy and daddy are enjoying every minute with you, too. I am praying for you everyday!

Devin in Illinois