Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 46!

I'm not feeling so well today. Mommy and Daddy noticed that I had some brown and black stuff in my tube and so they called the nurse and the doctor's office. The nurse said to stop feeding me my milk and formula combination and switch to Pedialite. Mommy gave me some yummy apple flavored drink in my tube and in my mouth... it was supper yummy... almost as good as my gas medicine! The doctor wants me to start taking Zantac because he thinks that my tube is irritating my belly. We'll see if that helps. Just keep me in your prayers so that I don't have to go on a medicine everyday going forward!
Ms. Samantha and her two sons Noah and Caleb came by to drop off dinner and visit today. Joshua and Jonathan enjoyed playing lightsabres and hockey downstairs while Ms. Samantha visited with me and Mommy.
Mommy went out tonight and left Daddy with the three boys for an hour or so... and guess who cried the whole time... all four of them I think! :) No just kidding... mostly just me since I missed my Mommy. Daddy did a great job trying to get me to sleep... he did all the hard work but I left the reward of watching me finally fall asleep to Mommy when she got home. I think that made Daddy mad! :)


Cathy said...

We will pray for you precious Angel that you don't have to take too much yucky medicine. You are such a strong little man!
Cathy & Annabel

The VW's said...

Prayers continue for you and your family! Keep fighting Jacob, even if that means you cry until you get what you want! :) God Bless your wonderful family!

siscaboo said...

Praying for you that you don't have to take that medicine for long. I don't think I comment much but, know my prayers are with you and I enjoy reading your blog daily to see what Jacob is up to. He makes me smile. Doesn't hurt that he is so darn cute. As well as your other boys. I just come to check out what they have done today. Thanks for sharing your story with all of us. It is a blessing and an honor to read and come to know you all through it.

Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Jacob - the baby zantac is yummy! My mommy had to give it to me when I was little too. It tasted good - a little minty. It made my tummy feel better. And that made mommy happy since I would only sleep when she held me too. With my medicine, I was finally able to sleep by myself in my own bed (although I was much more cozy on mommy's chest!)

My sisters and my mom and dad are praying for you!
We love you!

amanda said...

I will be praying that Jacob's tummy feels better and that he doesn't have to take medicine for it. I pray this resolves with the pedialyte.

asplashofsunshine said...

WHAT A HANDSOME LITTLE GUY... even when he screams!

The Adoption Of William said...

praying! We hope that little Jacob feels better soon.

With Love and Hope,

Jen-William's Mom

linda said...

Feel Better Precious!!
Love Alyssa, Aunt Linda and Uncle Tom