Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 33!

What a crazy day! My night was good. I spent a lot of it with Daddy on the floor ... but my numbers were great! We got up early because me, Mommy and Jonathan had an appointment we had to go to. We headed straight to the cardiologist's office from there... but since it was Friday and we were on the run, Mommy and Daddy decided to get Joshua and Jonathan a treat at Tim Hortons for the car ride... boy would they regret that in a couple of hours!
Good news is that my cardiologist looked me over and also did an echo of my heart and he thinks that my "ductus" is still open but even after it closes that my numbers shouldn't drop too much. He doesn't think that I'll need lasics for draining my lungs and that there is pretty good flow through my mangled heart. I guess that's good news.... hate to see the bad news huh?
We stopped at Ms. Jenn's house from First Light Photography to pick up some pics of me and the fam. They are BEAUTIFUL! She also made us a pretty cool little DVD with a slideshow of my pictures on it. She's great!
On the way home, Jonathan kept saying that he didn't feel good ... and he wasn't lying! As soon as we got in the house he threw up all of his vanilla frosted pink sprinkle donut all over the living room rug! Boy did it smell! It made me want to throw up too... but it just went up my tube! We were hoping that it was just a little too much sugar from Valentines day and donuts for breakfast, but no luck... he threw up two more times in the afternoon and once right before he went to bed. He must have some kind of bug.
So this screwed up our weekend all together! Aunt Josie couldn't come visit today and Derrick and Nicole were supposed to come with their daugher from Binghamton tomorow and now they can't! Mommy and Daddy were kind of worried about me getting sick so we pulled an emergency evac out of the house tonight... Joshua and Mommy helped pack me up while Daddy took care of pukey-Jonathan and Grampa came and picked me and Mommy up to take to his house for the night. Daddy and Joshua are going to try and air out the sickness and get Jonathan better while we stay at Gramma and Grampa's. So I gotta go explore a new house so no more time to blog tonight... hope to see you at the Valentines Fundraiser tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Praying that you don't get sick, that your brother gets well soon and that no one else in the family gets sick!

Glad to hear that your numbers are good! Yay!

Hope your weekend goes well inspite of everything! Prayers continue for your precious family daily! God Bless You!