Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 30!

((My brother Joshua took this picture of me... not bad for a 5 year old, huh?)) What a night! I'm spoiled... I decided that I didn't want to sleep alone in my bed so I fussed until Daddy gave in and took me to the couch with him (which only took about 2 seconds)! We slept on the couch until early morning but then we had to get all packed up in that nasty car seat (have I mentioned that I hate the car seat?) and head off to the cardiologist office again. This time not only did I see the cardiologist, but my pediatrician, my home nurse and the lady from CompassionNet were there! They all just wanted to get together and sit around a big table and talk about me. Can you blame them? I am the hottest blog writer on the internet after all.

I continue to freak people out. This time it was my oldest brother. Mommy and Daddy left me alone with Joshua for a few minutes while they got ready to leave and somehow we managed to get my feeding tube out and spew my stomach contents "all over the couch," (according to Joshua). Joshua was pretty upset because he thought he did it, but honestly, I think I hooked it with my finger and jogged it out myself. I hate that thing.

The best part of that whole experience was that Mommy decided to leave me wireless for a better portion of the morning. No pulse/ox connection and no feeding tube! I could go out into the world like everyother 4 pound baby... or maybe not....anyways... once we came home mommy let me suck on a bottle nipple that actually had something in it ... it wasn't that dumb pacifier... I finally found the GOODNESS! I drank about 17 cc's without throwing up!

Gramma watched Joshua and Jonathan while we were gone and hung around until Buscia and Tom came to visit. They braved the nasty weather to come see me and brought Costanzo rolls for lunch! MMMmmmm!

Ms. Erin came and dropped off dinner for the family. They all really enjoyed it. Joshua especially enjoyed the yummy cupcakes.

My cardiologist is not a fan of my pulse/ox machine and he told Mommy and Daddy to "screw the pulse/ox monitor" ...whatever that means. So whatever it means, Mommy has left me unplugged all day! No more annoying beeping everytime I stop to pass gas! However, I will miss watching Daddy trip over it everytime he tries to move me around the house. Mommy says I'll still have to be on it throughout the night and from time to time to check on my progress but this way people can look at me instead of some silly machine.


Laura Lee said...

Hi there,

I check in on you daily after finding you though another blog.

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy and his huge 30 day milestone.

I loved your post a couple days ago about the value of life. Amen. Jacob's life is JUST as valuable as anyone's who has ever been born.

God's ways are not our ways. We will never understand the unfathomable riches of His glory.

May God continue to use you all for his glory.

Anonymous said...


Hi, This is Jennifer in CA. I haven't been in touch in a few days. I'm glad your doing well. You are such a cutie. I'm also glad the doctors visits went well. Hang in there little man. YOUR DOING GREAT!!
God Bless
Jenn in CA

Pauline said...

I just sat at work and read every entry into your BLOG, i love the way you write it form his perspecitve. I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY .. what a huge milestone and may he be blessed to make another 30!
Pauline in CA

Anonymous said...

Yay! 30 days! Keep it up little buddy! I agree with your doctor, "Screw the pulse ox monitor!" I know how annoying it can be! They are always going off! It probably just stresses everyone out all the time. It sounds like you always have enough excitement going on at your house anyway!

Prayers continue for your family! God Bless you!

mary40 said...

I check your site every day
Congratulation the 30 day milestone and getting time off from all the wires

Alana said...

Hi Jacob! I met your mommy right after I met Jesus at something called Footsteps, and your Aunt Nancy taught me alot about Jesus too! I have been praying for you since before you were born. I specifically prayed that your mommy and daddy would get to see you smile, and that they would get to feed you NOT from a tube. Bless the Lord Oh my soul who heals ALL your diseases. Psalm 103 We are rooting for you in Avon, NY (right up the street from your Gramma's Aunt Carole who I saw among your visitors!) Love, Alana (Helfrich) Brown and Family