Friday, February 22, 2008

DAY 40!

I decided to be awake this morning at around 4:30 AM... Daddy was right there with me the whole time... but I don't think he was half as awake as I was. He kept patting my back but then slowly drifting off into sleep... and then he would come back again. Kinda like my breathing. I've been doing a lot of apnea stuff... where I just stop breathing for a little while and then slowly catch back up to speed! Mommy and Daddy do not love this... it freaks them out.
So Mommy and Gramma took Joshua and Jonathan to the aquarium today. Here's some shots of the fun that they had outside. So this left me all alone with Daddy. Since we had such an exhausting night... I decided to sleep through most of the day. We listened to the radio and Daddy kept trying to take a nap with me but people kept waking him up. Poor Daddy... maybe I'll sleep better for him tonight... probably not!
When the boys came home and told us about all the fun that they had this is how I felt:
It's okay though... Mommy was home to snuggle and take care of me so I got over it quick. I missed her. She spent a lot of time with me strapped to her belly tonight as she worked on a photobook. Joshua read us all bed time stories... he sure reads well for a 5 year old! Then Daddy read us Bible and prayed and put my brothers to bed. Now that everybody else is ready for bed it's about time for me to wake up and cause trouble! Tell you more about how that goes tomorrow!


Patty said...

He is so precious!

Anniesue said...

Thank you so much for sharing Jacob's days and thoughts! I don't comment often, but I read it daily! It is both inspiring and entertaining!

The Adoption Of William said...

Jacob looks so good! Thank you for all the adorable pictures :)

With Love,

Jen-William's Mom

Kelly said...

Jacob, you continue to amaze me! Thank you for letting your mom go to the aquarium. It was nice to spend time with her and your big brothers. You are blessed to have a mom and dad who take such good care of you and love you so much. Every time I read Psalm 139 I think of you. I think I'm going to memorize it and recite it to my own 4 blessings each night when I tuck them in. I hope your dad can take a long nap today! We love you all and are praying.

amanda said...

All of your boys are precious, and Jacob has really sweet big brothers. I hope Jacob had a better night and you all did too. All the pictures of him are so adorable!! He is such a cutie! Just like his brothers.

I will be praying for Jacob and all of his family.