Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 27!

Dad actually got me to sleep a little last night and since my numbers were ok I think he even slept a little on the couch too! Ms. Juli came over to draw with my brothers this morning. Gramma came over too... but she didn't want to watch them color she just wanted to watch me! She told me that she was reading my blog last night at 1:30 when I was typing it!

Later on Ms. Kelly came over with her daughter Faith, her sister, her neice and her mommy. She brought all sorts of gifts for me and my brothers from the homeschooling group's valentine's day party! There were gifts for Mommy and Daddy too! The best one is a scrapbook filled with pictures of me and my family! Ms. Kelly and her family worked very hard on it and it is beautiful! It is something we will treasure forever! Thank you!
I slept a lot in the afternoon just so I can keep Daddy up tonight! We'll see though, Mommy gave me a bath right before my brother's bedtime and bath's make me sleepy for a long time. Mommy also gave me some gas medicine and I love it! It's like candy! I would suck up the whole bottle if I could!

Before bedtime, Ms. Amy and Mr. Jeff came over with their daughters Lauren, Emily and Alexa. They all took turns holding me (check the pics below!) and my brothers loved playing with Lauren and Emily. Daddy was happy too because they brought ice cream!

I'm having some difficulty digesting my food today. Mommy and Daddy keep pulling back lots of undigested food out of my tube. They've tried reducing the amount they give me each time but I'm still having some trouble. Please continue to pray that I can eat up all my food so I can keep growing. I forgot to tell you a major milestone yesterday! When the nurse came to see me yesterday she weighed me and I was 4 pounds 1 ounce! I BROKE THE 4 LB BARRIER! Woo hoo! Just gotta make sure that I keep eating so I don't fall below it again!


So Blessed said...

Praying for little Jacob and all your family...

Laurie said...

Four pounds, how good to reach that weight. Jacob has had more visitors in his 27 days than I get in a year!
He is a sweetie and I am praying he continues to put on weight and stay healthy. Your family is in my prayers.

Laurie in Ca.