Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 34!

First I want to encourage you to watch the "We Live" video on the post below this one! This is what happens when Daddy gets bored because I'm not home to keep him busy! I think he does great work! (Really Jen Santora and Jen Allis did most of the hard work... he just put it to music and made it fun)

So since Jonathan made us do the emergency evac last night I hung out with Mommy at Gramma and Grampa's all morning until we knew it was safe to return home. Daddy and Joshua apparently had cleansed the house of all sickness and Jonathan was feeling better so we headed home. Good thing... my numbers didn't like sleeping at Gramma and Grampa's!

It sure was nice to see Daddy again! As soon as I came home he kissed on me and told me how much I'd grown since last night.... he's so silly. My brothers were really happy to see me too.. especially Jonathan since he wasn't allowed to get close to me when he was sick and now that he was better he could come and love on me again!

Tonight we went to church for the Valentines Day Chocolate Feast Fundraiser for me and Children's Hospital Nicu. I'm including a shot of the spread above in case you missed it.... YOU REALLY MISSED IT! There was so much delicious yummy gooey goodness we didn't know what to do with it... literally! We had to send plates home with people! It was soo good to see all the different people who came out to see us... people from church, family from all over, friends, Peggy from my cardiologist's office, Jen Santora from First Light Photography, and of course the highlight of my night... some of my girlfriends from the hospital came to see me! I was especially delighted to see Ms. Blayre... Mommy was kind of upset with me because I had been sleeping all night long but as soon as I heard that Ms. Blayre was there I woke right up so that I could see her! Here's a shot of me and Mommy and my NICU girlfriends! I was kind of sad that Ms. Peggy and Ms. Amy couldn't make it but I know that they were thinking of me!
Mommy and Daddy were excited about the money that was raised tonight because they want to give back to the NICU that took such good care of me while I was there. Mommy especially liked it when the nurses took my pictures and surprized her with them the following morning so she wants to get them some photo equipment and materials to be able to do that for other babies and their mommies. It was a great way to show that I was being loved on even while Mommy and Daddy weren't by my bedside (which wasn't often!) So to all of you who came out tonight and gave of yourselves and your time: THANK YOU SO MUCH! (but don't blame me when you have a belly ache from all that sugar!)


Anonymous said...

Dear Jacob -
It's late, but before I sign off, I wanted to check in. You are an amazing little boy with wonderful parents and brothers! I'm not sure how I found you, but I'm really glad I did.

Each day of your life, you amaze me and so many others who are following your blog. When I think of you, I remember the verse..."Be still and know that I am God". You are an incredible gift to your family and also to me and soooo many others. I may never hold you in my arms, but I will forever hold you in my heart - Jacob, you are a blessing to the Kingdom of God! Much love to you, sweet boy! Blessings, Lynne B.

Kelly said...

Hi Karen, Jason, Joshua, Jonathan, and Baby Jacob,

Just wanted to let you know that Jeff and I think of you all so often and so fondly. Please know that you are in our prayers. We know that with God all things are possible. May you continue to be blessed as you and your family are a blessing to so many in ways you may never come to know or realize.

Much love,
Jeff & Kelly Kovach

Anonymous said...

I love that you're giving back to others, even during what must be a difficult and stressful period for you, with all the uncertainty. It's nice to see people who are Christian who are actually kind and not so judgmental.