Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Your Questions & Our answers

We know that some of you may have questions about some thigns....Jacob's birth, death, treatments. We are pretty open with Jacob's story to help others understand. After jacob was born there was a night I searched other blogs just to fins out what others went through and theri story so I could maybe have some glimps of what to expect. We want to be here to support others. If you have questions, please feel free to ask...we are not easily offended so do not be shy......if there is something we do not want to share, we will respond appropriately. You can email your questions to babyjacobryan@gmail.com.

Q: How is it that you only found out a week after Jacob was born that he had T18?

A: We knew Jacob had a heart condition (complex congenital heart disease) back in October but we did not want to take that chance of miscarrying by doing an amniocentesis (1% of babies miscarry during/after this procedure). The doctors were not going to change their treatment so we decided not to put him in harms way and just wait for the genetic testing after he was born. The result of the amnio would not have changed our minds on how to treat him so we just made the safest decision for Jacob. Although we were curious, our curiosity was not enough to take that 1% chance to lose him. We kept it all in the Lord's hands and took nothing into our own.
All of Jacob's other features were mild and although there were a few other issues detected on ultrasound, they were nothing to lead us to this diagnosis.
The morning after he was born, the geneticist came in and did an exam based on his features and diagnosed him then. The genetic blood test was already being done but it took 3 days to get the results back. We found out the definite diagnosis on Thursday, January 17th.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for sometime but never commented, only prayed. My heart aches for you and your family. There must be no greater pain on this earth then to lose a child. My mom has lost 4. It's something we can never make sense of only to know that God is in complete and perfect control. There is no other way to get through the grief except to know that Jacob is now whole and perfect and resting in the arms of our magnificent and loving creator. You loved your baby but our precious Savior loved him more. I am praying for you to feel the peace and comfort that only He can provide for you. You don't have to understand it, only feel safe in it.

Praying in Tn,

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for your openess and transparency. You have shared your lives with everyone for one purpose...to glorify God! Jacob's short life did just that. He touches many people - far and near. My prayers are with you as you grieve his passing.
- A Jacob Fahmer Fan

Anonymous said...

I mourn your loss and yet celebrate the power and impact little Jacob has left the world. He is in peace and even though that won't heal the pain of loss, just hold on to the cherished moments you had with him. Hold on to him dearly because he will be your guiding light back home to heaven.

Cathy said...

Praying, praying, praying!!!
Cathy & Annabel