Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jacob Memorial Tattoo

So I went and got a tattoo last night to remember Jacob by. A buddy of mine's soon-to-be brother in law owns a very upscale cool tattoo place called ArtNBody. When my friend explained the situation to him he got us right in and did an excellent job and took good care of me. The tattoo is located right below my left wrist.

What is it?
It's biblical Hebrew and it says (reading from right to left) "ya`aqob beni" or "Jacob, my son." I wanted something permanent that will always remind me of him and will spark conversations with other people about him and what God has done through him.

Why the wrist? Why in Hebrew?
First off, the Hebrew just plain looks kewl! Of course it's also the language that most of the Old Testament was written in. Jacob was named after Jacob son of Isaac from the book of Genesis in the Old Testament so it seems only fitting.

Isaiah 49:13-16 (TLB) says "Sing for joy, O heavens; shout, O earth. Break forth with song, O mountains, for the Lord has comforted his people and will have compassion upon them in their sorrow. Yet they say, 'My Lord deserted us; he has forgotten us.' 'Never! Can a mother forget her little child and not have love for her own son? Yet even if that should be, I will not forget you. See, I have tattooed your name upon my palm, and ever before me is a picture of Jerusalem’s walls in ruins. Soon your rebuilders shall come and chase away all those destroying you."
In these verses Isaiah is recording a dialogue between Israel and God. The people in Jerusalem felt as if God had forgotten them and their city. But God replied that He certainly had not forgotten Israel. He could not possibly do so because He is like a mother to the nation. Furthermore, the nation was inscribed, as it were, on His palms. Therefore whenever He, figuratively speaking, lifts up His hands He sees the nation’s name which reminds Him of her. Interesting isn't that God says that His people are inscribed on His palms? The imagery is clear to those of us who know that Christ hung on the cross by His palms (which history tells us that the wrist was considered part of the palm in Jewish thought and that the Romans hung people on the cross below the wrist bone to avoid the body ripping free from the cross - not to mention that it was prophesied that not a bone of Christ's body would be broken). Isaiah foreshadowed the crucifixion 700 years before Christ! Are we not inscribed on the palms of Christ? He will never forget us, leave us or forsake us. I don't want to forget Jacob. Everyday I will be reminded of him and of the love that God showered on our family through him. Already the boys are interested in it and will continue to remember their brother through this writing on my wrist. Joshua ran in and woke me up this morning and said, "Come on Dad! Wake up! Let me see your tattoo!"


Christy O said...

What a great idea! Thanks for explaining it so clearly, it is very meaningful!

Ginny said...

What a beautiful way to honor your son!

sumi said...

Cool! I hope it sparks many great conversations for you.

Many prayers for you all,


Kim ( said...

I am thinking of your family today as it's the 14th - the first one without sweet Jacob. I love the tattoo - it is really great - the meaning of it is just awesome! And yes it does look totally cool!
Praying for you!
With love in Christ,

mom2LEAA said...

What a beautiful tribute to your son. I hope that in the days to come, you will be reminded of his tremendous impact on the world and your family. May God continue to show you he is present in your life and may you see how far Jacob reached out into the world. His story has touched my life and I am sure so many others. Know that his life has reached the northeast, as I live in Connecticut!
May God's peace fill your hearts.

Karen Starr said...

My prayers go out to you and your family. The blog is incredible!!Thanks for sharing Jacob's life and your faith with us.


Cathy said...

I guess since I am older I don't really have an opinion about tatoos. But I have to say that I can't blame you for this. Jacob has touch so many through his lil life. My son who is 20yrs. old (first in family to get a tatoo)had Annabel's name put on his arm. How can a mom be mad about that? Cathy & Annabel

Susie said...

I looks great, I love what it says, its very special, very significant. Matt got one the day after Joshua's funeral (it was the plan all along, but the appointment fell on that day). Including Matt, you're the third dad I know who's lost their son and gotten a tattoo to memorialize him. Thinking of and praying for your family.

Susie, Joshua's Momma.

Kimberly J said...

Beautiful. Your faith, your tattoo, your son. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done. Happy Father's Day. I'm sure Jacob is looking down and touching your hear to say this himself. Thank you for sharing with us all still.

Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

what an amazing tribute to your beautiful son. i have been keeping up with you guys since early on and there are no words to express how sorry i am for your loss. what an amazing life. what an amzing story. thank you for sharing with us all and helping the world to understand better.

amanda said...

Beautiful/touching concept for your memorial tattoo for Jacob.

Praying for you all...

Emily said...

As a mom with a little pink footprint tattooed on top of my own foot, I have to say, "Congrats, man!" :)

First Father's Day post-trauma: check. Every milestone checked off the list counts. I hope knowing your third son was smiling down from Heaven helped lighten the load today... and that seeing your tattoo will make his presence seem a little more tangible, too.

Anonymous said...

Keeping you all in prayer and praying for you every night.... What a uniqie way to honor Jacob.
Randi Booth