Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Q & A

Q: My question to you is, what are the chances of you having another baby with Jacob’s disorder?
A: Trisomy 18 is a chromosomal defect that is spontaneous. When a full t-18 baby is conceived, it takes 1 chromosome from each parent (2 chromosome total) on each strand except for the 18th which they take 2 from one parent and 1 from the other….over achiever! There is no greater risk for our future children…..they do add a 1% chance for statistic purposes but the reality is there is no greater chance than the next person. It is not something carried in our genes.

Q: Did you ever find out/know if Jacob had cystic fibrosis?
A: No we did not. We did not test him any further than the newborn screening because at the time, he was showing no effects and we were treating him as symptoms of illnesses appeared. We opted out of any test that we did not feel necessary for treating him at that time.

Q: When will we get to see the last photo shoot you blogged about? Your photographer did a great job with the first ones and I always love new Jacob (and company) photos. I went to her site but it said you need a password/login.
A: These photos are included in a slideshow that will be shown at his celebration service. After this time, they will be available to view on the blog along with the slideshow. We included her site for those of you in our area who would like to take advantage of her marvelous services.....if you watch her slide show on her main page you can see a sneak peak of a new photo of Jonathan as well as the older photo of Jacob in my hands....we're famous :)


The VW's said...

I love how you called Jacob an "over achiever" for having an extra 18th Chromosome! What a great way of looking at this! I will use this with our son, who happens to have an extra 21st Chromosome! Thanks for this!

Also, thank you for sharing your insights and God's word throughout! Your little Jacob's life has been so inspirational and such a testimony!

Praying for you often! May God give you the strength, peace and hope as you go through this time! God Bless You!!!

Jennifer said...

Just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers especially today as you celebrate Jacob's precious life. May his life continue to bring God much glory and may God do far beyond what we can ask or imagine because of your little son.