Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Q & A

Q: can we bring a dessert
A: If you are planning on attending the service and would like to bring a dessert, please take it downstairs prior to the service and have it ready to serve so the helpers do not have to cut things up. THANK YOU!

Q: How about bringing our kids? ( although in any other situation I would keep them home during a memorial service, being that they're so young, in this one I am feeling like they should be honest, what are your thoughts...there may be others with this question too)
A: Those of you who have children and would like to bring them, this is up to you. Please know that this service is very important and if you feel your child will be a distraction to those around you and take you from the service, then you may not want to bring them so you can enjoy it….depending on their age, they may not remember a thing but this may impact you and others seated around you for eternity…..this is our hope. Please parent appropriately.


Anonymous said...

Sticky question handled very gently! I hope and pray everyone can find a sitter as to not distract others from this special time of celebration of Jacobs life!

My thoughts and prayers are with you each day. Thank you so much for sharing sweet Jacob with the world and for showing Christs love throughout it all! Jacob will always be in my heart. Much love.

Shari said...

I have not had internet for a while and I just got caught up! Oh my! I am praying for you and hoping you will gain strength, comfort, and peace from Jesus during this time. I love you even though I have never met you!

Anonymous said...

It is Thursday and you have been in my thoughts all day as I know Jacob's life is being celebrated in the service today. My hugs and prayers are with you across the country.
I miss Jacob though I have never met him and I pray that you feel the closeness of your family,friends and eachother as you mourn the loss yet also celebrate the blessing of your little miracle. He has blessed us all! -Love, Leah in Seattle

Deborah said...

I'm praying for you today. Love and peace to you all. Also, I wanted to say hello to Jacob up in heaven. I know you are having fun, little man!