Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 9

Mommy, daddy and aunt Nancy took turns staying up with me last night since they didn't have any machines to plug me into. I gave aunt Nancy a run for her money by showing her how well my digestive system works between 3am-6am!
A nurse came to check me out at home and daddy's friend Milf drove in from Rochester to see me. I finally got my machine tonight... the man who delivered it got lost in all the snow outside! Unfortunately for me that means I have to have something stuck on my foot from now on - as if this tube down my throat isn't bad enough! Man I wish they made bottles small enough to fit into my mouth!
My big brother Jonathan's sunday school teacher came to visit me tonight. She brought me a robe that she hand made special for me... it's as small as they come... but still a little big for me. That's ok I'll grow into it!

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