Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 2

Danielle left me this morning and a new nurse lady named Peggy came to take care of me. She's very nice too. Pastor Bruce came to see me this morning. Then a geneticist named Dr. Robinson came to visit me and mommy today. Dr. Robinson said that God made me special. Dr. Robinson took mommy and daddy away to a room to pray for me. Afterwards, Ms. Peggy took me down to a special room to spend some time with my family. Mommy and Daddy's eyes were aweful red... I think they had been crying. Gramma, Grampa brought my brothers Joshua and Jonathan into the room with them. I finally got to see those crazy guys that I heard so much of when I was in mommy's tummy! My big-big brother Joshua loved holding me and kept trying to get me off of mommy's, daddy's, gramma's and grandpa's lap and on to his. My big brother Jonathan liked holding me too... but only for a little while. I think I made him nervous. Jonathan's favorite part was pushing the buttons to silence my monitors when they went off! We spent a lot of time together and they kept flashing pictures in my eyes... so I decided it would be better to just go to sleep. I don't really like it when the nurses keep pricking my foot with a needle and squeezing my blood out, but mommy and daddy tell me it's just to make sure that I'm doing alright. Miss Danielle came back to take care of me tonight and she treats me awefully special.
Mommy's friends Amy and Amy came to see me.

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Michelle said...

I know how that feels to have little one poked for blood. My little guy has only had it a few times to check for infection. But still its really not a pleasent experience.