Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 4

I was sad when Ms. Blayre left this morning but another nice lady named Jamie is taking care of me today. I heard people talking with mommy and daddy about taking the tubes out of my belly and my arm and that sure does make me happy!
Tom and Busia came by to see me today and mommy had to tell them about how God made me special. It made them cry too.
Ms. Jamie moved me off my warm bed into a new greenhouse isolette and moved me into a room all for myself. Now I don't have to listen to those loud neighbors I had in the Birch room!
Mommy's friend Stephanie came by and held me and so did mommy's uncle Tom and aunt Linda. Uncle Tom sure is big! But I could make even him cry. Mommy's uncle Joe and aunt Cindy and uncle Bob and aunt Arlene came by to hold me. Mommy's cousin Lisa came too! Mommy's friend Chrissy came to visit me again today!
Ms. Rebecca was my nurse tonight and she got to clean up after me when I pee'd all over my greenhouse.

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