Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 5

Today's visitors: Mommy's friend Sue
Mommy and Daddy's friends Rob and Tami (the one with the baby in her belly!) again
Aunt Josie & Uncle Tony and Uncle Mark - Aunt Josie pretty much hogged me the whole time - I don't think either of my uncles got to hold me at all!
Of course Gramma is here like everyday...

Today's most exciting event: They moved me out of my greenhouse and into a big boy crib! (Almost as exciting as when Ms. Blayre came back to visit me for a few minutes)

Thing I most regret about today: The nurses can't seem to find me any hats that fit my head that don't have pink or purple in them!

Dr. Reynolds came in to talk to mommy and daddy about possibly sending me home on Monday. Everyone here treats me so good, I'm not sure that I want to go home. Mommy was discharged from the hospital today and went home tonight to try and get some sleep.... but she left me with Ms. Johnine who has been fighting to be my nurse for like a week! She was so excited to be my nurse that she and Ms. Rebecca woke me up and gave me a "makeover" - they changed my clothes, cleaned me up and took lots of pictures of me. Then they printed them out and made a really cute poster for my bed. Mom and Dad are going to be so surprised!

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