Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 16

Today at 4:30 AM I decided to get Mommy up to change my diaper ... three times... and we ended up falling asleep on the floor together. Aunt Melly and Papa came by to say their goodbyes... they had to fly back to Texas today. Auntie Juli came to say goodbye too.. she cried lots because she's going back to Florida.
Pastor Jon and Amy came by to see me and bring us dinner. Ms. Amy stole one of my new diapers! She said she was going to show everyone because it was smaller than her camera! Mom's friend Judy from Delaware sent us homemade outfits - so me and my brothers all dressed up like cowboys! It's the first time that any clothes were a little too small for me - they were designed for a 15" doll! The pants fit great - they're just like my big brothers' - the shirt was just a wee too small though... Mommy got on the phone with Ms. Judy to make corrections for future outfits!


judy said...

Jason and Karen thank you for your comments about trusting God to let you stay home Jason. I feel after talking with you tonight that you had put a fleece out to the Lord and He answered you right away with the month to stay home.(You know what I mean).I know that He will see you through this because you have trusted so very deeply.
Thank you for what you have taught me through this.And thank you for the beautiful pictures the boys looked good in their clothes. I love you guys. judy

Kenzie Stanfield said...

As I read your blog (it was sent to me by a friend who's daughter is believed to have T13), I am overwhelmed with emotion. I just gave birth to our second son, Maddox, on January 23rd... just 6 days ago. He weighed 3 lbs and was 15 inches... he was born with a faint heart rate, opened his eyes to see his earthly daddy, and then instantly, opened them again to see his Heavenly one. We have been on this journey since September 26th of 2007 when we found out on ultrasound that he had spina bifida. There were many other markers for other things and our doctor recommended an amnio, which confirmed their thoughts... Trisomy 18. We loved every minute of the 4 hours with Maddox after he went to be with the Lord... but I am SO THANKFUL for the life that you have in Jacob right now. I will add you to my list of a few other friends with T18 babies on our blog... we have many faithful prayer warriors.

Thank you for sharing this journey and I will be lifting your family up each and every day as you enjoy each moment with your 3 precious sons.

God's richest blessings.

In Christ's love,
Kenzie Stanfield (Maddox's mommy)

Cathy said...

I have just came upon your blog. It is beautiful and I will pray for Jacob and your family. your trust is so inspiring. I am lucky to have a daughter with full Trisomy 18 who will be 3 in March.
Our God is such an awesome God!
In our prayers,
Cathy & Annabel

Chelle' said...

Hi there. I found your site through baby Maddox's site and want you to know I've added your family to the list of families we pray for daily.

I'll check back on your blog to be sure I update any specific prayer requests your family has...

I pray the Lord continues to grant you strength, peace and comfort as you seek Him in these uncertain times.

Laurie said...

Hi Jason and Karen,

A friend emailed me your site this morning and I have read Jacobs journey. Bless your hearts, this little boy is beautiful, perfect, and so loved by your family. Your two older sons are adorable and it is easy to see how much love flows in your home for one another. I have added you to my prayer list of precious families with precious babies. The common thread among all of you is a deep love and faith in Jesus. Praise God for "Day 16" with Jacob, he is truly a miracle and one who I will pray for daily from here forward, and for your family too. And Jason, it is wonderful that you have been provided this time to be close and right there with your family. I know God will continue to provide for you as you stay home to care for the beautiful family He has given you. You have my heart out here in California and I will be walking with you and praying for you. God is so good and He is faithful to keep His promises.

Love and Prayers, Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Prayers are with you and your precious family! May God give you the peace and strength to accept His will for your lives! Jacob is such a blessing and his story has touched me deeply! Thankyou for sharing your life and your faith in the Lord! God Bless You!

Kim (marygracesummons.blogspot.com) said...

I am another Mommy of an angel. The same friend of Kenzie's and Lauries in CA sent me your blog page. My sweet daughter's birthday is the same as Jacob's. January 14th, 2008!! She lived 7 hours and also had t-18. She is my 3rd daugher. I see you have 3 boys. They say they come in threes! I am so happy you are having sweet time with Jacob. I will pray for your family and your precious Miracle Jacob. Like Kenzie said we have a mighty group of prayer warriors - without them and a mighty God I could not even be typing this message.
In Christ Name,