Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 10

I went on my first car ride today since the drive home from the hospital. Mommy, daddy and I went to visit my doctor! They made me get all naked and stretched me out to see how long I was and how much I weighed (3 lbs. 12 oz) and looked me over a couple of times and then told me to come back next week. Note: I'm not losing my touch... I even made the doctor get teary-eyed!
Aunt Juli flew in from Florida today. I got to hang out with her and aunt Nancy and my brothers a lot! The Murphy's brought us dinner tonight and I got to meet a boy with the same name as mine!
My new favoritest thing in the whole world: Mommy gave me a sponge bath tonight for the first time and I LOVE GETTING MY HAIR WASHED! It is the best feeling in the whole world! It makes my eyes roll back into my head!

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