Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 3

I think today they finally found some doll clothes for me to wear. Mom and Dad spent a lot of time holding me today. I really like that.
Pastor Joe and Tammy came to visit me and mommy today. There was another Tammy with them too.... that was kind of confusing... one had a baby in her belly... one didn't! Daddy's friends Rob, Dell and Jeff came and saw me real quick too.
Tonight Ms. Blayre came to take care of me. I REALLY like her. I look for her and listen to her voice almost as much as my daddy's. Everybody here is so nice to me!
Ms. Teri came to visit me tonight... she was little like me when she was born.
Daddy told me he was staying the night in the hospital tonight because they're going to find out big news about me tomorrow.

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