Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 11

Today Jenn came over with her camera and we took lots of pictures. Pictures with mommy. Pictures with daddy. Pictures with Nana. Pictures with Joshua. Pictures with Jonathan. Pictures by myself. Pictures with teddy bears. Pictures with giraffes. Pictures of my head. Pictures of my feet. Pictures of me with no clothes. Pictures of me with clothes. How EXHAUSTING! Check out my sweet pics along the side panel! Jenn did a great job!
Mommy's friend Sara the doctor came over so I decided I would show her what I can do... make her earn her money... so I stopped breathing a little so that my oxygen levels would drop real low. I freaked everybody out! It was great! You should have seen all of their faces!
Mommy's cousins Jill and Lou came over with their baby Emily for dinner tonight. My brothers love playing with other little kids! Later on Kathryn stopped by to see me - I tried to get her to cry but she did a great job holding it all in. Daddy's friend Rob stopped by unexpected and shook me up until I puked. I'm not sure I like that guy anymore!

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