Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deeper Still: A Divine Appointment Indeed

My dear sweet friend Emily (mother of Miller Grace) has been given an amazing opportunity to share her story of our Atlanta/Deeper Still trip on the actual Deeper Still Blog. It is an awesome entry and just a true blessing....Emily sure can write. Please visit the link below and read her may only be up for a limited time so do not wait for this blessing! The entry is called "Deeper Still: A Divine Appointment Indeed"


Pam said...

WOW!!!!!! I don't know that there are words to tell you and express my heart break, my emotions, my overwhelming sense of AWE in His presence after reading such an "entry". I have been following you all for sooooo many day's and I just praise Him for what He is doing in your lives. I can not imagine but please know that I am praying with everything in me for you and for the rest of the moms!!!! He(Jacob) blessed me more than any words could ever tell you. Oh to be dancing at His feet with that little one!!!!!!
Running His Race,
Pam in NC

Kelly said...

Karen, thank you for sharing that link. Her post brought me to tears. It is beautiful to watch what God is doing in each of your lives.

andreawilliams said...

Karen you are amazing and a gift!

Emily said...

Oh Karen, I love you. Tears fill my eyes tonight as I realize that your little miracle boy, that I spent so many night just check in on and marveling over is healed and whole and dancing with my little girl tonight. I know your arms are empty. I know mine are, too. But to embrace each other like we did, if even for a time, is a sweet promise of how filled our arms will be one day when those awesome babies are making us laugh again. He is our Redeemer. He is our strength AND our song.