Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Be an Encouragment!

Hi All! My sister's friend Alana (yes, this is my sister's real life friend) is on a mission to send encouragement to a fighting child. Please read the email I received and act....here is a real chance to make a difference to a fighting young child. Get involved, get your kids and family involved, get everyone involved and make a difference.

"Hey everyone (literally!) My friend Kristy's son Conner is nine years old and recently found out he is having a recurrence of cancer. This time there are numerous spots on his spine, and treatment will be intense. I talked with Kristy this morning and she has requested we help encourage her little boy who is battling cancer for the second time in two years. Please pray and ask God to give you a scripture verse that would encourage Conner and his family. Write it down (do not e-mail it) on an index card or colorful piece of tag board and mail it directly to Conner at the following address:

Conner Newcomb
35 Hobbes Lane
Rochester, NY 14624

PS: Kristy said she would love THOUSANDS of verses to decorate his walls, so don't hesitate to send one (or more) along!
This is NOT a hoax or a chain letter. It is my [Alana (Helfrich) Brown's] real life friend, whose real life son is facing this illness in Rochester, NY. If you are not familiar with the bible, you can visit http://www.biblegateway.com/ and do a word search about comfort, healing, etc; and see what you find! I know God is faithful and will help you help Conner!!! PASS THIS ALONG TO ANYONE WHO WOULD HELP!"

Please pray for Conner and encourage him by sending God's Words to him! Thank you!



abrown925 said...

Karen, Thank you SO SO much for sharing this request!

Angie said...

What a great idea! I'll do it!

Me and my Gurl said...

Hope all is going well with everyone Karen. Your in my prayers and so is conner and his family.