Saturday, October 11, 2008

Visiting Rachel & Family

Today we were going out to visit a friend who lives near the Grapes....they live 30-40 minutes from us so we thought that while we were out there we would stop in and bring them a meal. It was great to meet more of their family in person and Jason and the boys got to talk with the family and be of encouragement to them. It is such a blessing to be a really works both ways....they are blessed to talk with people who have been there and we are blessed to serve and be around others who "get it." Rachel looked so good is her color! We were told that she had some tough spells that are very difficult for her to get out of. This is very scary for the family. We met the oldest children (I will refrain from using real names until I have permission to do so) and it is hard for them to go on with regular life because they want to be there and don't want to miss anything. They are such a help to Barb though....while I was there, their second daughter popped in a couple times to see if there was anything Barb needed and the oldest was helping out too. Please pray for their strength to grow as they go through this as a family. It is very hard to sit and stare at your child or sibling knowing you don't get to keep is not natural for us and everything in us wants to keep them. Just pray for them. They are very encouraged to hear that Jacob's fans are praying for them....they know how great you all are so THANK YOU! Love, Karen


Sonja said...


Please let the Rachel Family know they are being lifted up as they go through this earthly storm. God holds the plan for this family and this precious child. You know this more than anyone with your own experience.
May God Bless you all in your lives.

Emily said...

Definitely praying for sweet Rachel and her family.