Saturday, October 11, 2008


Jacob's neonatologist has just blessed my heart so much by passing on my info to a family. Rachel is the baby's name. Born Wednesday night weighing in at 5 pounds. Her diagnosis: T18. I received a call this morning from her father Dave. He had a whirl wind of questions that I did my best at was tough because I am not a professional, just a mom who has been through it, but I didn't want to over step my territory and get into too much medical stuff that the doctors and nurses should be fielding. I made the offer to go up and talk with Rachel's mother Barb and meet Rachel. He enthusiastically took me up on my offer. I immediately got into my car and drove to the hospital and walked into the very room Jason and I received Jacob's T18 diagnosis. There I laid eyes on a small sweet baby girl who just blessed my heart at that moment.....with sweet tiny squeaks and cries, it was such an honor to be there and meet her. Barb knew who I was because of the conversations with the Dr and she knew a lot about Jacob and she too had lots of questions.....again I did my best.

Here are some ways to pray more specifically:

Please pray for this family. You now have names of Rachel and her parents....I do not have the names of Rachel's SIX other siblings though!...but pray for them as well.

This whole experience has been such a whirl wind....a true blessing to me to use my son's life in such a way but yet difficult to watch a family go through what I know all too well. I think they know my heart....I just am so unsure of myself in this uncharted territory that it just makes me question.... it is prideful for me to think that my words may be so impacting on them, yet careless for me not to take heed in my statements and realize what ears they may fall on and what conclusions may be drawn for them.....a very strange balance to try to achieve. Pray for me as I seek wisdom, healing and I sort through the different levels of involvement the Lord may have for me here and all the emotions that go with it all. I am so willing and the Lord has blessed me with such humbling is truly magnificent to be used by the Lord.

Pray that the family and friends take to heart that these babies all have different levels of severity and there is no way of comparing and knowing what to expect because of another is hard to know that there are other babies out there who have lived so long and not desire that for your baby...I know this all too well.

Pray that every moment Rachel is here is treasured.

Pray that the family's wishes and goals for this time are achieved.

Pray that the right people are brought into their lives during this time.

Most of all, pray for sweet Rachel as she blesses this world living in her sweet body and battles for her life to just be loved.

Thank you all. I will do my best to keep you all updated. God Bless.


Steve+Marie Douglas said...

Count on me to be praying for them as Ihave been for you & this privelege & honor of being HIS Vessel.

Sheena said...

I have been reading your blog from early on yet have never told you what an impact precious little Jacob has had on my life. My walk with the Lord has grown and deepened because of Jacob's story but that has only happened because you have been honest and open enough to share it. So it is exciting to see that you are now having the opportunity to go beyond the blogging world and touch more lives with Jacob's story. Keep trusting the Lord and let Him guide you in what and how to share with Rachel's family. I will be praying for you all from Australia.

Barb said...

praying for Rachel and her family! and you guys also! they are lucky to know they have your support
:0) Barb Melbourne Australia

Rebecca said...

I'm a little behind in reading your blog. I think it's great that you're able to help other families in similar situations, in even small ways.

I'll be praying.