Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gotta Love The Fans....

While doing some work down here in Louisiana I came across some history of the Lake Charles area. The father of Lake Charles is John Jacob Ryan, known just as Jacob Ryan. The main thoroughfare through Lake Charles, is named Ryan Street, after him. He opened a sawmill on the lake and claimed the land around it. He eventually sold the land by 100ft rope lengths (now the city's downtown). John Jacob Ryan died on Dec 17, 1899.
It seemed appropriate that I do something in honor of both Jacobs. I couldn't come up with anything too spectacular but since I was surrounded by a lot of beaches and water I managed to spell out Jacob Ryan using sea shells. I was trying to beat a storm coming in so the letters are a little off. The second picture is a view across the lake as you look over the name. I wrote this further inland on the beach away from the waves so I hope it stays for awhile.


Kim (marygracesummons.blogspot.com) said...

Precious! Love you Karen,

Sonja said...

Karen,Just "one" of Jacobs many fans checking in on the family. Have you all in my prayers.Sonja

Kimberly said...

An amazing coincidence...I am a reader from Lake Charles. I hope the city treats you well.

Kimberly in Lake Charles

Mrs. Mother said...

What a wonderful way of honoring your son. I just lost our baby girl at 21 weeks to Trisomy 18. It is so hard to get through these days, but I will make it.

Emily said...

Awesome, awesome... that little boy will forever be impacting this world in incredible ways!

I miss you. I love you!!!!!!

Sonja said...

Checking in on the family Karen. You are still in my prayers.

Sonja FL

Randi said...

Thinking of you and loving you all. We pray for you every night.
Randi Booth

Anonymous said...

Karen and Family
Just once again checking in on Jacob's Blog. Looking at all the pictures of Baby Jacob. What a beautiful baby. Those eyes, they seem to see, what no one else can see. The love I feel from those pictures, is unreal. Baby Jacob maybe in heaven. But he is still doing God's work here on earth. He radiates love. What an example of unconditional love. How proud you must be. How courageous of you to share that love with strangers. Jacob's story is still not done.
He is still making a difference to many.
May Peace Be With You

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful wedding shots. It's so great to see your whole family celebrating together!

All the pictures on your blog are beautiful. I really appreciate you keeping us posted on how you are doing.

Prayers continue from Michigan for your precious family.

God bless and continue His good works through you.