Monday, August 23, 2010

Brown Shirt Mama Reunion

I have tried, ladies and gentlemen....I have tried to write about this weekend....I can't do it. I haven't the time, the energy, or the words to do it! There was just too much that I have no idea where to begin...I tried to begin from when I booked the tickets, then from when I got on the plane, then from when Kenzie greeted me at the door....nothing flows...nothing does it justice. Here's a few details: I was embraced by my mama friends from
Atlanta, met a new one and her baby boy who was so lovely and encouraging, loved on all the babies I could, swam and played, cried tears when each one of those babies were held in my arms, stayed up LATE, was challenged and encouraged....but above all, I stood in awe of God's amazing plan for me and these ladies. It was great. It was a miracle weekend. It was perfect.

Here are a few pics since I have so few words.

My amazing little flier. He was so good....minus poking the people we sat next to...good thing God gave him those beautiful blue eyes and prominent dimples!

Our amazing hostess and baby girl. Kim and her family were amazing hosts and just really one of the sweetest families to be around. It was a blessing to be welcoming into their home.

Kim's chalkboard, all ready for the weekend...she didn't miss a thing!...except for sour cream ;)

Mamas laughed hysterically as these babies found no humor in it!

The counters were always full of cups and.....

.......electronic devices!

I got to spoil the ones that weren't mine!...that is a chip that has been dipped 4 times! :)

Pool chaos!

The last to leave :(

One of the pics I have been waiting 2 years to get....while our babies walk with Jesus, us mamas have walked together here on earth, missing our precious babies and remembering and honoring them the best we can. Those two little footprints began such an amazing work of God ...and if it weren't for either of them, I would have never stepped foot on a plane to get to Atlanta or this weekend.

Bribed with lollipops...whatever works, right?


Drum roll please....and THE picture we've all been waited for.........

One of the most precious pictures I have ever been honored to be in.
Us 8 Atlanta/Brown Shirt Mamas (beaming!) and our "babies after".


The Kielstra's said...

What a wonderful way to remember/celebrate your precious babies! I've been following along your blog, as well as others for a while now, and I am so jealous that you guys have such a great support group going! I wish I could find a group like yours thats close by! I also have a baby daughter dancing with Jesus, and was blessed with another daughter 16 months ago. What a blessing it is for you 8 ladies!

dollymama said...

Beautiful...I don't think it gets any more beautiful than that dear Karen!

Kathy said...

What a blessing for God to bring you girl's full circle. Your love and support of each other and your beautiful children are answers to all your prayers and our prayers for you all. What a wonderful God we serve!!!

Jeannie (HAPPY HEART) said...

WOW! I have chills! God is amazing... You girls are beautiful and give us such a glimpse God's restoration. Each one of you has use your difficuties to bring honor and glory to God.

PS I am the heart girl who met you at Deeper Still in "08.