Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Happy Birthday, Jeremiah" ~ Love Jacob Ryan

One Year! I know I am not there to sing to you, to blow out your candles before you could, to unwrap your presents before it is time, to play with all your gifts with you…but, Baby Brother, I have given you so many gifts this last year.

I gave you two big brothers who kiss on you and hug on you and cherish their time with you because they know what it s to make the most of their time with their baby brothers.

I gave you a mother who now sits and breathes your breath, who listens intently to your sighs, who holds you a little bit longer because she knows what it is to never hold again.

I gave you a daddy who praises and thanks God everyday for what he has and what he has been given because of what God taught him through my life.

I gave you a family who now realizes how significant celebrating every day is, let alone an entire year of life.

You are loved in such a special way, because God used me as a gift to you.

Happy Birthday, Baby Brother. You are loved and cherished,

Your Big Brother ~ Jacob Ryan

~Your Big Brother ~

~Jacob Ryan~


Emily said...


Staci said...

That is the sweetest letter. Happy Birthday Jeremiah!

Kathy said...

Truth so beautifully written.

Happy (belated) Birthday sweetie pie!!! Jeremiah you bring such joy!