Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Enjoyed by family

Just wanted to update you all on Ella. She was born on the 26th and left the hospital to be home with her family one week later. This is by far a dream come true...she has beat so many odds and is living a life filled with love. She has a feeding tube and is on oxygen. She is doing well and her family is just loving her like crazy. I was so blessed to receive and email from Ella's mama asking many questions about our care for Jacob and the overwhelming thought of caring for a trisomy 18 baby at home. It was such a blessing to share all that we have been through and special things we did with Jacob....that just makes my heart sing praises that my boy still touches others from heaven. PLEASE keep holding Ella's family in your heart and pray for her and them. She has 3 older siblings and is surrounded by many who love and adore her. Pray for the strength that only God can provide them. Thank you so much! Lots of love! Karen

PS~ a special update on a special trip I had will be coming soon! :)

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Laurie in Ca. said...

Sweet Jacob has enabled you to be such a blessing to this family and so many others to come. I will continue praying for this family to enjoy many, many days and more with sweet Ella. Praying for all that you asked. Love you Karen.

Love and Hugs, Laurie