Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I can share our secret now!

So life has been so nice lately! Really....I have just been enjoying my boys here at home. We have been keeping up with school, spending time with family, and mostly playing with our adorable baby boy. Our days are filled with precious smiles, adorable giggles, sweet sleepy cries, clicks of the camera, vigorous kicking in the tub and all the makings for beautiful memories. I see fatherly features developing in my older two as they care for their treasured baby brother. These baby brothers seem to grow the older ones up much more quickly! I just love raising future husbands and fathers....to see the tenderness that develops that may someday lead a family!??!?...wow!...as far as earthly rewards go, that has a high value. And how God has used my younger two to grow the older two.....it is proof of how God made us with absolute purpose....no doubt about it. He is the One who uses us.

I have been in contact with yet another family expecting the birth of their baby girl who has T18. We have spoken and emailed and Baby E is not just surviving...she has beaten so many odds and has been healed of many complications. Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery as Baby E prepares to meet her 3 older siblings, parents, family and friends in a few weeks.


Ok, so you want to know my secret??? This is why I haven't been on much...because I wanted to tell you all so badly but I just had to wait until after Christmas and the gifts had been given! Jason and I buckled down and finished what Jacob and I began two years ago......our Blog Book. 318 pages long, our book contains every word and picture of the blog from the beginning through just after Jeremiah's birth. It is awesome. Jacob and I worked together on the first 77 days of his life, then after he passed it sat there. We picked it back up desiring to gift others with it at Christmas. We had difficulty deciding what posts to stop but we figured it out and it is perfect. The work we put into keeping up the blog can now be enjoyed and kept in our home library. We used the program Book Smart that you can download free from Blurb, load the blog onto it, organize and edit, and then upload your book for printing. It wasn't easy but it is so cool to have in book form Jacob's every day, all of our emotions and what we had shared with you all.

Well although my posts are few and far between, I do think of things to share and this whole blogging thing has put words in my head that I never knew I could express. I hope to share more later about our celebration this coming Thursday the 14th, remembering Jacob's birth and celebrating how he gave us a clearer view of our time here on earth.

'Till then ~ Karen

Our 5 month old at 4 months


Michelle Jamie said...

way cool!

Barb said...

wow the boys have grown! great news about jacobs book - glad to hear your all having fun x x barb in melbourne australia

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have a book to pass on to future generations about how God used your little your sweet Jacob. God's richest blessings on your family.

Keep shining!

Kathy said...

You have been very blessed.

Thanks for blessing us with your good news and beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome that you were able to create and finish the book. The boys are soooo sweet. I still think about you and check in periodically. Congrats on your new addition. Always thinking and praying for you in CA. My kids Jacob 8 Ally 11 and Kaylee 16 are doing amazing as well.

Jenn in CA