Monday, October 26, 2009

Hopes for a Ministry Blog

Howdy! I come to you all yet again for help! I have had this burden of beginning a ministry blog specific to remembering those we have lost or honoring those we know we will lose. I will be including ideas that we used to honor and remember Jacob in order to refer others to the blog so they can take what is appropriate for their situation. I have come in contact with so many families who have appreciated how we celebrate Jacob's life and many of them gleaned ideas and now have magical memories of their own. This blog will help me refer these families to the blog and they can find what is appropriate for their situation and use it when they are ready. Please be in prayer for this as I gather the ideas, relay the information and even just think of a name an appropriate name for the ministry. Please, let me know if there is anything specific that we did in celebrating Jacob that stood out to you so I can be sure to share that with others. Post a comment or email me at Thank you guys and I will keep you updated!


Jennifer said...

do you know how to set this up? I have one myself. It's a pray blog for Lyme Disease patients.

Laurie in Ca. said...

I sure will be praying for you and the ministry blog you are starting Karen. What a blessing it has been to read about the Jewels of Jacob that you have been able to share with others and comfort them, providing a starting point to a path that is so hard for others to step out on. You honor sweet Jacob so well Karen and I will always be blessed by his life.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Kathy said...

Great idea! You have much to share and such a sweet heart to empathize with others journeys. Cannot wait to hear how you will be used.

You have honored your sweet Jacob so beautifully and continue to do so.