Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Month To Our Due Date!

So Jeremiah has been growing for about 35 weeks and 4 days in my body. Wow. He is so crazy in there and a joy to watch even now! Jonathan has been enjoying Jeremiah's hiccups and kicks and Joshua loves to rial him up and kiss him good night. They busted out Jacob's stethoscope yesterday and were trying to listen to my tummy for cute (I took the above picture and that was not an easy shot to get....try and take a pic of your own belly!). The nursery is getting put together and we are figuring out all the things we have yet to get. This is not an easy task.....trying to move out the "in home care" papers, the "thinking of you" cards and the remains of a funeral to anticipate a birth???...not the normal exciting "getting ready for a baby" time....but this is our normal, and there is very little sadness about it....I thought it would be tougher than it is. Don't get me wrong, it is not easy, but deciding that this nursery is Jeremiah's, just like we moved Joshua out when Jonathan was coming, helps. We have moved the big brother out before and brought in the little one, so I can handle that mindset and be excited.

Joshua was riling up Jeremiah the other day and then he stopped and looked at me real serious and said, "Do you think we'll get to keep this one , Mom?" Oh, how my heart breaks for my boys? They lived 4 1/2 marvelous months with their baby brother, kissing him everyday as if it was their last moment with him. That has carried over to this baby already....and I want them to learn what it is that God has for them so I try not to interfere with those feelings...I can not promise them a thing with this baby....I cannot reassure them that we will get to keep this one......these feelings and emotions that God has allowed our situation to develop and magnify in my boys is building them into Godly men....I will not contradict what God has planted. I want them to be appreciative of their time here with whomever and envelope them in love no matter how long we have....they get that and that is a beautiful thing. So pray for them as we hope with all our hearts that we do get to keep Jeremiah and have him grow up in our family with his two oldest brothers who care for him so much because of how Jacob taught us to love. Our 4 amazing boys....oh, how I thank the Lord for them.

So, our summer is filled with tadpoles, dancing in the rain, jumping in the pool, riding bikes, picking berries, summer reading, gardening, baseball, and just plain fun. We have been enjoying it and appreciating our family times together. Life is really good.....really.....the other day I said to Jason, "You know things are going well when the heaviest thing on your mind is wondering when your tomatoes are going to turn red!" We are happy, joyful and loving life. I try to not let Satan rob me of our peace....the scariest days of our lives all began as regular normal days.....but we live with a marvelous peace of being under our Father's care and therefore nothing is to be feared. We need these peaceful times and thank God we are able to appreciate and recognize them....we know the side of worry and fear and without them, we would not know such peace as is beautiful.

Thank you for your continued love and support. Your prayers for our family are not taken lightly and we appreciate them all. Pray for our future month....our little man adding the final touches on his growth, our boys awaiting their baby brother, Jason and me as we deliver our sweet little ever you feel led to pray. Thanks you. God Bless!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

You are so close!

Barb said...

What a beautiful picture! Glad to hear you are all well, good luck with the next few weeks xx barb in melbourne xx

Kathy said...

Great shot, Karen! How very exciting! One more month and you get to meet this precious little guy!

Praising God for these moments for you and your family to enjoy with peace and anticipation.

Praying for all to go perfectly.

Me and my Gurl said...

As you have in so many past post you have once again given me an uplifting feeling. You speak with such love in your heart and with such understanding of God's will. Trials come and how we react to them is how we will come out of them. I do not always react as a child of God. I am learning each day to trust him more. I am so happy for you and your family. The photo is precious. Big brother checking little brother out already.
I look forward to hearing of the wonderful news of a happy, healthy, baby joining your family.
God Bless you and all your family.

Sonja - Fl

Kim ( said...

oh Karen,
My heart melts knowing how happy you sound. I love the picture. I have been meaning to call you for over a month and because I can't have a long conversation I keep putting it off. I will call soon regardless just to hear your voice. I miss our talks. I miss you. The description of your summer makes me want to cry.....we have come so far.
I love you!
PS come to Texas soon!!