Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Mommy Moments

Last week was another one of those weeks where I am overwhelmed with what God wants for Jacob's life. Jacob has "been gone" for over a year but this week I have had some serious "mommy moments"....these are moments that I get only from Jacob.....because I don't have graduations or championship games to go to for him.......I have a glimpse of where God reveals another way He used my baby boy to impact this world for His good. Who was it this week ?????.....about 90 sophomores in a New York State public school were touched by Jacob AND Beth Moore testified at her Living Proof conference in Pittsburgh, that every day since she met us 8 mama friends in Atlanta about a year ago, our stories impact her every word of Truth she uses. How did this all come about?

First off, a biology teacher at my mother's place of work (as well as my former high school) had her classes follow Jacob's blog last year because of the rarity of being able to see a live baby with T18. This year, although he isn't with us, her class used the blog as a reference during her genetics portion. Upon hearing this, I contacted the teacher to thank her for allowing my boy to be of such influence and offered to come and talk to her classes. She was enthusiastic and really wanted me to connect the kids with a real story that showed that these babies, regardless of medical advice, defects and less than perfect abnormalities, are not just items to abort but rather miracles of life that impact us and have worth. It was very easy for me to get up there and talk about my sweet boy for how ever long I had! I was able to talk to 3 classes and the students were so respectful and polite. I brought some of his tiny items, pictures and his pamphlet from his 'Celebration of Life' service. They asked questions and hopefully gathered information on how to parent from a loving perspective verses a medical/clinical perspective. These students got a glimpse of a mama who loves her sweet boy regardless of what the world's standards are for worth living. He was compatible with life and they saw that. I just keep saying, "90 kids in a New York State public high school?!?!......really God???... THANK YOU for an unheard of opportunity!!! :) " It is one of those things that you have no idea how impactful it will be but you take every opportunity, plant the seeds that may be watered by other situations and bloom into something that glorifies the Savior.

Next, one of my sweet mama friends went to see Beth Moore in Pittsburgh and with her brought a photo book of when we met Beth in Atlanta as well as various pictures of each families babies; with our babies that have passed as well as a picture of all of us with our "baby after". Every single one of us 8 mommies have a "baby after" and even though I had to send a picture of an ultrasound, Jeremiah was included since I am holding him in my womb! There is a video of Beth teaching (and Chrissy crying!) and sharing with Pittsburgh the story of how our babies and stories impact her everyday.

These are my moments. I get to sit and relish in what my sweet boy is doing for the Kingdom of God. God uses him everyday in my heart and in the hearts of others and that makes me a proud mama of a true champion.


Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing and bringing us all the news. I know that the Lord will continue to use you and Jacob to His glory.

Angela said...

Karen won a Mom Award from a professional photographer.
Check it out!

Kim ( said...

I love you Karen!! Miss you!

dollymama said...

Congrats on your mom award Karen, mama of 4 baby boys!
Jacob is certainly continuing to do his work...what an awesome little baby he continues to be as he lives out our Lord's plan for him even while he's at peace in heaven :)

Jeannie (HAPPY HEART) said...

Beautiful post!! May the Lord continue to use all 8 of you for His glory.

Jeannie (We met at Deeper Still)