Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Story Worth Revisiting

You may have read this before, but I am amazed that it is still being used to encourage others two years after it took place. I am honored to be apart of this group of women. I am so thankful for Emily who's words give life to our weekend but mostly because without her, I would not have been part of this story. Please, take the time to read this and be a awe of God's work in our lives. Thank you.


Nancy said...

Wow! Great to read! The Lord was so faithful to sustain you in those weeks following your sweet baby's homecoming, and He is the same God now.

Kathy said...

Re-reading this brought back tears of sadness and joy!
You girls are so amazing and we are so blessed that we are allowed to accompany you on your journey with God.

One of these days in eternity we will be able to share with you how much your stories and your beautiful babies meant to us and changed our lives.