Monday, January 12, 2009

Approached By Jacob Fans

I thought a moment like this would happen sometime but I didn't know what it would be like. Tonight my family gathered at my parents house. I went to a local restaurant pick up alone to get our food and as I stood in line a sweet young woman asked if I was Karen. I told her yes and looked at her struggling to place her as if I should know her. She told me that I didn't know her but that her and her mother, who was there with her as well as her sweet daughter, followed this blog of Jacob Ryan's sweet life and was told of the blog through a friend of my family. Now, there is this special feeling of motherly pride that comes only to us mamas of babies in Jesus' arms.....our babies will never win the little league championship, win first prize at the science fair, graduate with honors from high school and college, marry a godly spouse or raise children in the Lord.....but our babies have left their tiny footprints on hearts for eternity and these moments of hearing and seeing what out babies have done are our championships and graduations. That's all I have....and therefore I have it all. So when this sweet group of three generations approached me and wished me and my family well this week as we celebrate Jacob's birthday, I held back tears. On my drive home I just couldn't stop smiling. I just was so proud of my boy.....I cannot tell him how this made me feel but he was told "Well done" when he got to his eternal home and there is nothing that could please me, his mama, more. So thank you Gail, Natalie & Tessa for approaching me and allowing me to see Jacob's championship moment. And thank you Mrs.H for sharing this blog with those you means more to me than you could possibly know. Thank you to all our fans out there for your continued encouragement and love. This year has been such a work of the Lord and you have all played such a huge part in it. Thank you.

Jacob is the only Champion that Buffalo team will ever see! :)


Anonymous said...


What a great story! How amazing that God ordained you to be at that restaurant at the same time as that family...and especially this week! I am praying for you all as you approach Jacob's first birthday. God's grace is sufficient for each moment! Enjoy the sweet moments of remembering every precious minute you had with Jacob. And looking at all of the amamzing pictures you have of his life! And if you need to laugh, go back and read the post about the udder cream - by far one of my most favorite entries!! Love you!

LucieP said...

please pray for Noah and Julie.
Their daughter, Magdalena went to be with the Lord this morning.

dollymama said...

Awesome Post! Thank you for sharing another one of your incredible "mommy moments" with Jacobs fan club!

Kathy said...


I believe that is only the first of many, many experiences you will have to confirm what a good and faithful little servant your beautiful Jacob was!

Let your humble little heart swell with pride over him! I am sure you won't know the extent of his influence until we are all on the other side.